CDTM Class of Fall 2015 Spends one Evening with eGym

CDTM Class of Fall 2015 Spends one Evening with eGym

On September 2nd, eGym opened up their headquarters at Nymphenburgerstr. 12 to welcome the new class of students from the Center for Digital Technology Management (CDTM). Despite some gloomy Munich weather, we still found time to gather for snacks and drinks on eGym’s huge terrace, complete with seating, working areas, and as we Centerlings felt right at home seeing, a foosball table.

After getting the lay of the land, we were greeted over Skype via Xbox One by eGym founder and CDTM alumnus Philipp Rösch-Schlanderer. Philipp was in London on business, so it was extra cool he found an hour to chat with his CDTM family. He first explained what eGym is all about, where it is today, the vision for the future, and how eGym evolved from the initial idea to their extreme growth today. He also talked about their social working culture and international environment.

After an invigorating Q&A, including tough questions for Philipp and some other team members, such as “what don’t you like about eGym?”, we were eager to finally test out the innovative equipment and app integration. Several enthusiastic eGym employees showed us how to use the high-tech, smart resistance and aerobic machines, while others showed us around their ever-expanding offices. All of the exercise and engaging talks worked up an appetite and the evening was wrapped up with some delicious pizzas and conversation with all of the eGym employees, who were kind enough to stay after their normal working hours to show us what their company is all about.

Thank you to the eGym team from the entire CDTM class of fall 2015!

The CDTM is a joint research institution between the two Munich universities, the Technische Universität München and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. At the CDTM, every semester 25 students from various study backgrounds in the field of computer science, electrical engineering, business, and more start the add-on study program Technology Management (honors degree) in parallel to their main studies. The honors degree is a hands-on study program with a focus on digital innovation.


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