eGym teams with University College London

Equipment and software supplier eGym has announced a new research agreement with University College London to explore which methods of strength training are the most effective.

“The research project will harness data science techniques to determine best practices and effectiveness of strength training, utilising eGym’s electric resistance machine circuits and software.

“UCL has world-class talent in data science research. We look forward to the opportunity to apply ourselves in collaboration with eGym, to have impact on the field of strength training as it relates to consumer health,” said David Meinhart, senior research associate at UCL Computer Science.

The data-driven project aims to help overcome the weak evidence base underpinning the effectiveness of exercise as medicine and highlight the specific results that can be achieved through various types of training.

“We are confident UCL’s research will strengthen the links between fitness and health. With our technology we aim to provide insights into what kind of results can be achieved with different strength training methods,” said Jochen Michaelis, head of eGym in the UK.

“We believe that when it comes to the prevention of diseases like obesity and heart disease, scientifically-proven and results-driven approaches will ultimately improve the way both the fitness industry and the health industry serves its customers.” ”

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