eGym Charity Activity 2015

eGym Charity Activity 2015

This year we wanted to do something good again. Together we have decided to help children in need through two activities:

We supported refugee children in Romania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Germany. On 4th December we wrapped gifts for refugee children in the kitchen (see picture). Any kind of useful things were put into boxes: clothing, toys and sweets up to painting materials. Afterwards the gifts were taken to the official collection point and the refugee children.

We also donated money to help children with life-threatening disease. The money will fulfill their long-standing wishes and shall give them hope, strength and happiness. If you are interested to make a donation yourself, get more information here.

Sarah Utke (Recruiting Manager at eGym):

“I’m glad that here at eGym we support those who are in need. Wrapping our self-bought gifts together with colleagues from other departments gave us the possibility to do something good and have fun at the same time.”

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