Hohoho – Having fun @eGym Christmas Rooftop Parties

Hohoho - Having fun @eGym Christmas Rooftop Parties

Right at Christmas season our eGym rooftop terrace was transformed into a small Christmas market. And since Christmas is all about sharing and giving, we invited some student groups to visit and enjoy some nice evening hours together with us. At three evenings, we invited CDTM, LMU and TU students. After a short introduction about eGym the students were able to test and train on our machines. Afterwards we all enjoyed some mulled wine and soup next to our nicely decorated Christmas tree. Everybody relaxed and got a little bit into Christmas mood – so we were able to ask the students some questions. Thanks again for the great time!

What do you like most about Christmas?

Cyril (LMU):“ Gathering with my family and eating good food.“

How did you like our little eGym Christmas Party?

Hanno (TUM)? ?“I really enjoyed the eGym/ TUM Christmas p?arty. We were welcomed in a warm and rollicking atmosphere and were answered every question we had, while drinking some mulled wine or testing the eGym sport devices.“

Why would you recommend eGym to a friend?

Sabine (CDTM): „Provides an open culture and atmosphere where thoughts are shared and built upon. Staff is creative and nurturing, as it relates to each other, the company culture, and its products. Appears to be a fun and exciting place to work. Thank you for welcoming us! „


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