inside eGym: Sarah, Recruiting Manager

inside eGym: Sarah, Recruiting Manager

What is your name and your position at eGym?

My name is Sarah and I am working as Recruiting Manager with eGym. I am responsible for finding the right colleagues for eGym and furthermore I am trying to increase the attractivity of eGym as potential employer. In order to achieve this I am planning career fairs, I am inviting students into our office for informative events and also I am pushing eGym’s web presence forward (Kununu profile, Blog, etc.).


What made you choose eGym?

I chose eGym, because I love Munich’s start up scene and eGym is one of the most successful ones. However, there is still a lot to be build up and to achieve and I love to take over responsibility. Working with eGym means to be able to bring in own ideas and to really move something with your course of action.


What do you particularly enjoy at eGym?

eGym has a really lovely company culture, there are a lot of young and inspired people working on the same vision. The colleagues are great and working with them means so much fun, that it doesn’t really feel like work sometimes.


What did you learn with eGym?

I was hired to build up processes around recruiting from scratch. This was a big challenge, because there is so much growth and so many vacancies that have to be taken care of.

With eGym I learned to improvise. You can plan and structure your day as much as you want – in the end it will be totally different. There are always spontaneous situations you did not expect to come up. I love to be surprised on a daily basis.


What is the working atmosphere like?

Dynamic and funny – you can have a productive and intense discussion and 5 minutes later you are playing table soccer with the very same person.

It is great to have people with a similar mindset around you. Besides I love to be appreciated for my work and to get valuable feedback from my precious colleagues.


What would you tell a potential applicant about eGym?

Be yourself, be honest about who you are and what you are capable of doing. If you get the chance to become part of this, you will be fascinated about how much fun a regular job can be.

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