eGym Innovation Week

eGym Innovation Week


At eGym Software developers can dedicate 10% percent of their working time to own projects. This concept is called Innovation Week and has proven to be a valuable source for innovation. Projects such as the eGym Page were created (see picture). In order to give you a better impression about the innovation week we interviewed eGym Software Developer Jivko Vantchev.

How does the innovation week usually look like and how do you like it?

The innovation week doesn’t follow a strict structure. At the beginning it is important to find an interesting topic on which you can work during the week. It is also possible to work on several smaller projects. Since I am the one who proposed the concept long time ago, I like it quite a lot (laugh).

What do you like in particular about the concept?

I enjoy working on different projects and I love to experiment with new technology. Regarding the projects themselves I prefer dynamic ones, which have a direct impact on the customer.

How does eGym benefit from the Innovation Week?

The Innovation week has a huge potential for eGym. Companies like Google or Valve are good examples how concepts similar to eGym’s Innovation Week can create added value for the customers. Thanks to the Innovation Week eGym has for example REST Web Facebook-, Whitings- and Runkeeper integrations.The design of eGym’s fitness studio search website has also been developed within an Innovation Week. Currently eGym is also working on projects which have their origins in an innovation week.

In conclusion I can say that the Innovation Week is just awesome!


Hopefully we could give you a better impression what the innovation week is about and why it is an important part of eGym’s company culture.

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