eGym represented at CDTM Design Fair

In an annual event the CDTM (Center for Digital Technology & Management) presents its MPD (Managing Product Development) course results. The MPD program brings promising students from different study backgrounds together to work on a practical project in cooperation with a company. Some students implement apps or additional features for existing companies, others offer a complete new service. Team Stylight for example extended the functions of the mobile phone app by a mobile device friendly payment option. Team Progressio used a different approach by developing a programm for employee skill development from scratch.


This year eGym was represented by a group of five students (see picture below) who have designed an iOS App which combines the features of the Apple watch with a modified version of the eGym Trainer App. This Watch App improves the quality and safety of the workout by taking the role of a digital coach. Through different kinds of vibrations the watch signalizes in how far the sequence of movement must be adapted for an optimal workout. In concrete, that means the Apple watch counts the number of repetitions during an exercise and signals incorrect movements. How this actually works in practice was demonstrated by a classic biceps curl exercise and on a lat pulldown machine.

With their project they made a valuable contribution to eGym’s research and showed potential ways to further expand eGyms product portfolio. Cooperation like this are a valuable source of innovation for eGym, and this year’s project exceeded all expectations

We thank CDTM for their efforts to make such a project possible.

Special thanks go to the ambitious students of team eGym Alex, Johannes, Timo, Kevin and Magnus for their outstanding project.


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