eGym @ e-fellows experts forum

eGym @ e-fellows experts forum

The scholarship and career network has invited eGym to participate in an experts forum. The e-fellows experts forum provides a platform to exchange ideas and questions with experts in various fields.The latest topic was „Performance enhancement through sport, nutrition and mental training“. eGym was represented by sport science data analyst Andreas Grabisch (Sport Scientist), who talks about his impressions of the event.

What did you like in particular about the e-fellows experts forum?

For me it was very interesting to see which topics are particularly interesting for the participants and also to learn, which factors are considered as the most important for their individual performance.

What were the most relevant topics?

The users were very interested in sport nutritition related questions, but also about mental fatigue and orthopedic problems.

How did the users like the experts forum?

Users were very grateful to receive answers from qualified people. In contrast to most of the other internet forums, the e-fellows experts forum assures that your questions are answered in a sophisticated and correct way. With 823 people participating, this formum was almost twice as successful as the average of the previous ones, which is a great success. Besides this, the quality of the answers was also perceived as very good which is shown in an extraordinary good evaluation of 1,3 ranking from 1 (very good) to 6 (insufficient).

How does eGym as a company benefit from the e-fellows experts forum?

For eGym it was a great opportunity to get in touch with potential future talents. I am happy to provide a good picture of eGym and about our profound knowledge in sports science. In conclusion, the e-fellows experts forum was a valuable learning experience for us and we are happy that we contributed to one of the most successful e-fellows experts forums ever.

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