Sharing knowledge @eGym with Learning Bites

Sharing knowledge @eGym with Learning Bites

At eGym we are very curious and eager to learn. And what better way could there be than to learn from your colleagues? Therefore we organize so called “Learning Bites” on a regular basis, where eGymees present interesting topics to their fellow colleagues in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

This week Bea and Jivko, two of our software engineers, lifted the secret around the mystery of software development with their Learning Bite “Developer Magic Explained”. The participants from Munich and Berlin learned about the tools and frameworks used at eGym, what the typical coding process looks like and about our developers’ biggest challenges and obstacles. In the end they showed a live coding and fixed a “fake” bug on our eGym website.

When asked how they got the idea for the learning bite, Bea and Jivko react with a smile. “Actually, we prepared this Learning Bite initially for the non-developers in our team. By explaining the coding process and the terminology we use, we are able to facilitate the communication between the team members and in the future they will understand what it means that “the bug is fixed but not deployed”. That’s how we got the idea to also share the information with the whole company”, Jivko explains. Bea adds: “We have done other Learning Bites in the past already and it is always fun to share knowledge and see how interested people are.”

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