eGym Points

It is usual for gym-goers to perform different exercises such as endurance or strength training and carry them out at different intensities. This makes it difficult to understand which exercise makes the biggest contribution to health or fitness. What is better? Strength or endurance? And how intensively should you exercise to see a lasting improvement?

The eGym points give you the answer. It gives a clear idea of the training progress and the consequent health benefits.

The points correspond 1:1 to a parameter that comes from intensive medicine – the metabolic equivalent of task: MET) or MET minutes. This metabolic equivalent indicates the energy used up by the body per minute of effort.

How much energy is used up or how many eGym points you earn depends, on the one hand, on the individual (body weight, sex, personal performance) and, on the other hand, on the effort made in the course of the exercise (type of exercise, moved weight, duration, intensity, etc.) , Every kilo and every repetition counts!

What does 1 eGym point represent?

1 eGym point…

represents the amount of energy burned up by the body  in one minute „when sitting down” More points mean the multiplication of this energy amount.

The actual number of calories burned up is different for each individual – depending on body weight. The actual number of calories burned can be calculated by converting the eGym points into hours. Simply divide them by 60 and multiply the result by your body weight. An individual weighing 70kg: 300 points/ 60 = 5 times 70kg = 350 calories

How do you earn eGym points?

10 eGym points are earned …

for every 1 minute doing an exercise that is 10 times more intensive for the body than sitting, e.g. playing football or light weight training.


by doing an exercise for 2 minutes that is 5 times more intensive for the body than sitting down, e.g. brisk walking or gentle cycling.


By doing about 10 push-ups.

Can eGym points also be lost?

Yes Just as the effect of exercise eventually disappears, the eGym points are also lost after 4 weeks. So you can’t just rest on your laurels!  

Studies have shown that as little as 60 minutes of moderate intensity per week – equivalent to 200 eGym points – have a positive impact on health. To effectively counter major diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, etc., the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an activity level of 500 eGym points (MET-minutes) a week. This corresponds to about 150 minutes of walking or 4 rounds on an eGym circuit.

Researchers have observed that this amount of exercise offers the optimal ratio between health benefits and duration.

However, the health benefits continue to rise if you step up the effort.

The studies also show that the type of exercise makes hardly any difference. What is important is the total energy quantity converted – i.e. the eGym points earned. Whether power or endurance training – all subjects examined in the study showed improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reduced high blood pressure and released hormones and messenger substances that are important for health. This means that any form of activity protects against cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and even cancer.

Some health effects come about even when taking very little physical activity. For example, sleep quality improves even at only 200 eGym points per week. Other effects only come about at significantly higher activity levels. For example, the cancer risk is lowered only if you reach an activity level of more than 1000 eGym points per week.

You can find out more about the precise effects of exercise on your health in our Fitness App. According to the activity level, you can see which concrete benefits your past exercise routines have already brought you. Please note! This new points calculation system starts from April 2016

Have fun collecting your points and boosting your health!

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