One day as a GUI intern


Pinak Gui Intern

What is your name and position at eGym?

My name is Pinak and I’m a student pursuing my Bachelor’s in Engineering specializing in Information & Technology from Panjab University (Chandigarh, India).

At eGym, I work as an intern with the GUI team (Graphical User Interface). So what does this GUI team do? We are responsible for writing, maintaining and improving the software that powers the eGym fitness machines.


Why did you join eGym?

I was looking for a company for my internship and I started looking for a software engineer position working with technologies that I was familiar with. eGym came across and the products looked awesome and nothing like I’ve ever seen before! Personnally, I try to stay fit by doing weight training regularly. Just looking at the eGym fitness machines made me want to train on them, which is another compelling reason why I decided to apply.


What are your daily tasks?

My daily tasks include fixing bugs, implementing new features and optimizing

performance for the machine software.


What projects are you currently involved in?

My current projects include giving the machines a capability to switch language on demand,

implementing a new design for the pre-training screen (the one showing the workout plan) and a few other top secret projects. 😉


What do you enjoy most about your position?

The best thing is that I can propose and drive projects in my team that I enjoy working on. Another thing that I love about working as an intern here at eGym is that you actually do tasks that matter. Almost all of my past projects have already been implemented in gyms or are being used in new machine production. That’s an awesome feeling!


What do you find challenging in your position and field?

All the above mentioned advantages also mean you have more autonomy in making decisions and if you make a mistake you are responsible to fix it.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your field?

The main advice I would give to someone who’s working in the software development field is that practical experience matters a lot. If you can’t implement the theory you’ve studied at university your learning is a waste. In my opinion, contributing to open source projects is the best way to help with that. I am myself a contributor for KDE (the Linux Desktop environment). Finally, I also think doing an internship is a great way to start working in software development and at eGym.


Pinak Ahuja

GUI Intern


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