Kubernetes Hands-on Workshop Led by eGymees

Kubernetes workshop

On Friday, April 29th, our software engineers Jivko, Beatrix and Jan led a Kubernetes workshop at the 27th floor of the Fujitsu tower in Munich. 30 lucky ones attended this Meet Up where eGymees shared their secrets. Our expert team described how they use Kubernetes to manage containers in a production environment. eGym has been running a productive Kubernetes cluster almost since day one.

“This was the first Meet Up talk at which I was a speaker. The audience was great and the arisen discussions were interesting. It was definitely a positive experience!” said Jivko.

Regarding the unique location showing a panoramic view of Munich it was already a success, but most importantly, our highly engaged audience was truly eager to learn Kubernetes’ insights. Many interesting questions were answered and the open source cluster orchestration solution is now clearer than before to this passionate group.  

During the workshop a stateful and fault-tolerant Kubernetes cluster was set up. We demonstrated a MongoDB replica set, rolling updates, and handling external load balancers. The example demonstrated is published here.

Our team is very excited to repeat the experience soon, then in a new location: Berlin!


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