Wir suchen Start-Up Giganten!

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Here we go! We have just launched our Gap Year Program! The eGym Gap Year Program is one of the best opportunities for Bachelor graduates to gain insight into a chosen area of expertise for 8-12 months. The program starts in September 2016.

  • Passionate about Marketing? Then you can make your contribution to the Online Marketing Team, learn about Event Management and finish the year by gaining experience in the area of Printed Advertisement. [the Marketing program can be in collaboration with Flixbus, another promising, very fast-growing startup. On top of switching from team to team experiencing different aspects of marketing, you change the company after 4 to 6 months. These are without a doubt the best conditions for you to learn as much as possible and meet absolutely passionate people.]
  • For those choosing Business Development and Product Management it will definitely be a very exciting challenge as well. eGym is currently in a stage of incredible growth. Our Gap Year students will be part of unique ventures such as the internationalization of the company.
  • Last but not least, our Finance and Accounting Team also is very eager to welcome new students to their team. From exceptional tasks like building our own finance entity with the Sales Finance Team through controlling to working on business cases, there is a lot of captivating projects to be implemented.

We are looking for students who stand out from the crowd. You have a hands-on mentality, abroad experience, great grades, German and English proficiency and feel excited about our vision? Then you are the type of “Start Up Giant” we are looking for!

This is one of the best opportunities for students to work on a large variety of tasks and learn from different teams“, says Gabrielle, Recruiting Manager. Being part of this program also means a steep learning curve, regular feedback, office parties, team events and working within a unique startup atmosphere.

Seize this opportunity and apply now here!

Visit us on www.egym/jobs.de for more information.

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