Specialist lectures for Campus M21 – Exchanging insights and ideas

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This spring, we had the great opportunity to hold highly engaging speeches on three (!) different topics to the students of Campus M21. At both inhouse events and the one guest lecture, the participants discussed a wide range of matters with our leading professionals in Physio, Marketing and HR.

During the Physio Distribution speech the students found out more about the use of eGym products in Physio studios. Since they proved to be especially interested in our sales activities, they also were given a practical insight in our direct and indirect sales processes as well as in customer-related issues. In addition, the links between eGym Physio and the study plan were discussed.

The speech about Online Marketing was divided in Performance and Brand Marketing and addressed the students’ curiosity about our new platform called Studiosuche.de, Social Network Advertising and Search Engine Marketing. Another very exciting subject concerned hot topics in Digital Marketing, allowing a vivid discussion about Native Advertising, Non-human-traffic and Youtube Marketing.

Last but not least, the students welcomed us for a guest lecture about HR Management at their university in early June. After the speech held by our Head of HR Alexandra the eager students shared their ideas concerning Recruiting, Onboarding and Employer Branding with us. The focus of the following discussion clearly showed the Gen Y’s preferences of a fast recruiting process, a not-too-formal way of interaction and of using Social Media to allow interested candidates a sneak peek at our daily life inside the company.

We were very excited to have the chance to discuss these topics together with our young audience. This highly interactive experience allowed a profitable mutual insight in both the company’s practices and the candidates’ preferences.

Without hesitation we can say we would love to do this again any time!

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