Choosing software, fitness tracking and the missing link


The quicker you fail the more likely you are to succeed! This apparent contradiction is central to the thought process in digital innovation where speed is part of the essence – but its not one that the fitness industry has widely adopted. Instead we’ve retreated to our bunkers only to reappear months and sometimes years later, with tech that is already outdated before it was launched. In some cases millions of pounds later. It is a lot easier and faster to buy, rather than build (if you are in this camp read on).

You will still need to be clear what factors drive your decision-making. These are likely to include your business proposition and whether or not it creates a competitive advantage (as well as many other criteria including your business scope, your data strategy, how easy the software is to deploy, what other technologies you are using etc.). The way how you implement and configure your software creates your unique selling point (usually operators only scratch the surface of the capabilities of most of the software they use). Of course to get it right you shouldn’t be thinking in isolation. Operators now have to integrate different applications to create a complete view of the member.

What is abundantly clear is that consumers have an almost insatiable appetite to engage with digital fitness and health apps. Despite the failings of these devices, it’s clear that consumers want to understand more about their current health status and changes over time. The learning’s that have been gleaned so far are critical to understanding what to develop next. You’re making a mistake if your view of the world doesn’t factor integration with third party fitness applications (members already retain control of this data).

Out of the box, eGym and its companion app provide a simple solution for gyms to track both data from inside and outside the club. Data is collected directly from the eGym strength equipment and use of the member app in the clubs. Users have a consolidated view of their progress‘on tap’. Not only does eGym cater for all these requirements, but it also integrates with club management software (including Club Manager), third party access control vendors and has open API’s for any other integrations.

The job isn’t finished with opening up the box. Over time the software will create a rich picture of each club member in terms of his or her physical improvement. Clubs will also be able to refine the quality of interactions over time as the member history develops. This is a journey that evolves and continually drives towards optimizing performance for the operator.

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