Mia San TUM-sports team, sponsered by eGym

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After last year’s successful debut of the student initiative “Mia san TUM” (Eng.: “We are TUM”) of TU Munich at the WHU Euromasters, the biggest student sports tournament in Europe, the goal for 2016 was crystal clear – an even better performance at the Champions Trophy in Hamburg.

To make this happen the team of TU Munich this time travelled North with more than 50 students. Of course, the eGym jerseys were there to support them again and the team could show its very best!

Just like at last year’s Student Olympics WHU Euromasters, students from various universities all over Europe came together to join the Champions Trophy. In total more than 100 students participated, competing in a wide range of different sports.

In the end the teams from TU Munich kept their promise showing a really amazing performance which got honored with a couple of trophies.

Handball: 2nd place

Volleyball: 3rd place

Basketball: 3rd place

Relay race: 3rd place

Besides, the very first show of the Cheerleading Team of TU Munich should definitely be mentioned, too! The boys and girls impressed with a really awesome choreography. Even though they didn’t win the prize, they definitely won the audience’s heart!

Staying true to to the rule “after the match is before the match“, the teams keep on training to win a first prize at the Euromasters 2016 in Munich. #StayTuned

A big thank you to eGym for the support!

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