eGym International Summer Spirit

Blogartikel Summer Event

This June, eGymees from all our locations gathered for our summer company event. Our entire team with members from the UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany spent two very fun and exciting days together at an activity park just east of Munich to get to know each other better and enjoy the sunny weather.

It all started in our main office in the morning.

It was great to receive so many of our international team members at our Headquarters in Munich, where we joined a “Captain’s Brunch” speech in which our CEO Philipp gave an insight about the current numbers at eGym. Then, everyone got the chance to personally ask him whatever questions they liked – and questions were raised and answered even in Polish!

Afterwards, we were brought to the surprise event location nobody knew what it was going to be, only that it was going to include water. The perfect location for a hot and sunny summer day! There, we were divided in groups, each working together to fulfill a different task. We can proudly say the outcomes were quite impressive: two big tents for all of us to spend the night, two water slides to have fun in the afternoon, and two bar islands floating on the lake.

To end the day the best way possible, we shared a delicious dinner with huge burgers in the last sunrays before it was time to start the party. Thanks to our great DJ we danced until late, shared some really good laughs and exchanged ideas about countless different topics under a beautiful sky of stars.

“Being one of the people here who have worked longest in the fitness sector (26 years), for me it was a great opportunity to experience how the young people in our area want to work and be productive”, says Juan Gabino, our Head of Implementation for the Iberia region.

It was an amazing experience to have that many different nationalities, teams and individuals get together and we are very grateful to have had our entire team here with us. We are already looking forward to having you here again soon!

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