Passau University warmly welcomed our CEO Philipp

Passau speech pic.PNG

In June, our CEO Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer held a thrilling speech on “Designing & Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization” at Passau University. The audience of approximately 300 students was very eager to listen to the experiences Philipp shared with them. Thanks to the very interesting insight and a couple of good laughs in between he held everyone’s interest during the whole 90 minutes.

Sometimes after a speech it can be a little hard for students to get active and ask questions – not this time! Clever questions concerning the typical eGym customer, privacy protection, implementing organizational changes and strategies for entering the US market showed the students’ true engagement. Even after the speech they still kept on coming forward to ask more questions and of course to grab some of the highly sought-after eGym goodies – a gym bag 😉

After enjoying a lovely lunch with Prof. Dr. Carolin Häussler and her team, Philipp met up with the top 5% of the students of “Business & Economics” and “Business Informatics” to answer their specific questions in a smaller setting. Philipp’s opinion concerning the future of the fitness industry and his insight in how to win investors were just as highly appreciated as his honest response regarding previous lapses made while founding the business.

After this great event, we are very excited to be able to cooperate with the Honor’s Program of Passau University in the close future again.

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