The gym of the future has arrived…and it’s seriously good at retaining members

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People in Europe are gradually ageing over the course of time, they are becoming more and more health conscious.

At the same time, they have an increasingly better understanding of how their personal lifestyle – exercise, nutrition as well as ‘personal vices’ – influences their long-term health. People are also becoming more and more technology savvy.

Not surprisingly, the internet will (and it has already big time!) determine the way we practice sports. What started with simple stand-alone, non-interactive technology measuring our training results, more and more turns into “intelligent wearables” which automatically interact with trainers and physicians. State-of-the-art connected training devices may trigger a quick response from the trainer, like praise or – the other side of the medal – a friendly reminder to go and work out. Training schedules online – quite a no-brainer today.

Gyms need to adjust to their ageing and more and more health conscious clientele, i.e. the training must be easy, convenient and safe, and it must deliver the desired training goals. Technology wise, customers expect state-of-the-art equipment in return for their member fees (matching at least their own advanced techie-stuff ), paired with excellent knowledge on the trainer’s part. Gyms need to answer customers’ demand for “connected fitness”. People understand that technology in general, and especially digitisation, greatly influences the way they are practicing sports – both indoor and outdoor. Members also have a clear idea of what they would like to achieve, e.g. lose weight, build muscles or simply stay fit.

eGym’s fully electronic strength machines are “intelligent”, driven by smart training software and are completely connected. A single machine or circuit, respectively, is sufficient in order to achieve various training goals fast, effectively and along an individual training schedule. The good news is that eGym has always pursued the idea of connecting all parties involved – gym members, trainers and gym owners. Over the course of time, eGym has developed all the “ingredients” required, so it can offer its customers the entire infrastructure to become a connected gym.

The latest fully electronic, software guided fitness equipment includes a variety of workout methods based on the most up-to-date fitness science standards along with the eGym Trainer App, which provides top-notch assistance for members. The eGym Trainer App supports trainers and operators directly in workout spaces. The trainer can immediately see who has trained how many times and how, whether it is time for a new fitness plan or whether, for example, a contract extension is pending.

With the help of the eGym Trainer App, the member is qualified and always addressed at the right time. Customers who receive excellent support and optimal training are satisfied customers who are much less likely to cancel on average. In addition, the eGym Trainer App regularly receives interfaces to an ever-increasing number of fitness equipment from other manufacturers. This has significantly increased the number of workout spaces organised through the eGym system. On the whole, the advantages for the operator are member support is becoming much more efficient, while the time commitment from the trainer decreases. All components are optimally coordinated – for the best workout and for the best fitness gym organisation. Thanks to automated equipment settings alongside simpler and safer use, the eGym system is ideal for the mass market. More transparency and regularity in a fitness routine leads to additional motivation for members. Networked training not only organises a portion of the workout spaces, but also increases profits for the gym through targeted optimisation of the value added chain. The networked fitness gym as a success factor is no longer a future technology – it is already a reality today.

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