One day as a Software Developer

jivko-blog-photoWhat is your name and position at eGym?

My name is Jivko and I am working as a software developer.

Why did you join eGym?

I joined eGym quite a while back, it was a very young company at the time and were using a framework I was interested in working with.

What are your daily tasks?

There are a lot of different tasks, not every day is like the previous one. Some days are packed with meetings and learning bites, sometimes I have interviews I have to take care of and sometimes I just have a lot of coding time. My primary tasks are however writing code and also running that same code on production, together with my teammates. We strive for a strong dev ops culture, where you run what you build. This can sometimes be somewhat stressful, but is overall really cool, especially backed by the fact that we are using some bleeding edge technologies like Kubernetes.  We also have a strong code review culture in place and a low tolerance for bad code. Sometimes I have heated discussions with my co-workers about how a certain feature or product improvement could be implemented, or how we could generally improve the current situation. Those are especially helpful, because if you cannot convince someone else that the way you coded something is a good way to do it, then it may not be as a great solution as you have originally thought it would be. I have the tendency to overengineer things and I oftentimes I have to go back to the Zen of Python that reads ‚Simple is better than complex.‘ and also ‚If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.“ to remember that true beauty and elegancy springs out of simplicity.

What projects are you currently involved in? 

I am in the team responsible for the STUDIOSUCHE web page, but right now I am looking through the server-side code, running and trying to find out suboptimal processes and improve them, so that our customers have a better user experience using our products.

What do you enjoy most about your position/field?

I enjoy the diversity of the tasks and also the really awesome team. People often say that, I guess, but it is really important to share a common goal with guys that are really passionate about achieving that goal and can also have fun while doing it.

What do you find challenging in your position/ field? 

For me maybe the most challenging part is the context switching. Sometimes I have to load a big mental model in my head and try to figure out how a certain change will affect it, but in the next minute I may get a question in an entirely different area of expertise like marketing, analytics or even website design. This may seem trivial, but for me it is actually very challenging.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your field? (Studies, Career path)

My advise is kind of simple, I guess, it is just to look within and see if they enjoy problem solving of any kind. If they do, then they are well suited for the IT field, if they do not, well that does not necessarily mean that they are not suited for, it may mean that they won’t get as much satisfaction from doing their job, as they could 🙂

Anything else you like to add…

Always be passionate about what you do.

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