Fitness App Team goes Design Thinking

Over the last year 2016 our team worked hard on developing the eGym Fitness App as a product and improving it with the help of continuous feedback from our customers. Together with a complete redesign of the app, we felt that these big changes should also be visible in the app icon that users see on their phones. Therefore, a  visually pleasing and aesthetic app icon is vital and a challenging task at the same time. As this is a team effort, our product manager Lisa organized a design thinking workshop during the developer’s’ Innovation Week in the new DATA SPACE by SAP.

It’s always good to start full of energy. That’s why the team met at the DATA SPACE at Hackescher Markt in Berlin where the DATA KITCHEN offered the opportunity for a tasty breakfast and fresh coffee. Already before we arrived, the ordering process was the first highly engineered impression we’ve got. Our cellphones as waiters were in charge of taking the order online and sending us a mail when the food was ready to be picked up. After having a coffee, we were invited to the DATA HUB working space.

Following the introduction by the three coaches of SAP, which included a Design Thinker, a designer and the COO of the DATA SPACE, we were split into groups to brainstorm about what we have in mind when thinking about our fitness app. Therefore, we had different newspapers, magazines and brochures to ideate on what matched our idea on eGym, our customer, customer experience and usability. For some of us, it was so different to our daily work, which allowed us to think about different perspectives and structure our thoughts as a team.

PS: Maksim did NOT add the crossword puzzle as the app shouldn’t be a riddle.


At the end, we clustered all the collected articles, pictures, and keywords on the wall within the groups. And yes, it’s right – there is also a Porsche in one of our clusters. Reason for that? Hristofor said “our app is as cool as the Porsche.” 😉


One of the four groups did their brainstorming session in the DATA ROOM, which is a interactive digital creative space. On a digital table with laser technology we searched for keywords and frames in a multitude of databases and put them directly from the big walls onto the working table. That was a crazy awesome new experience for all of us and felt like being in another universe.

Later on, all groups presented their results. For sure, there were similar thoughts and ideas, but also new perspectives. We were not only building on each others ideas and got a better understanding of how the team members see the App but also different perspectives on how we can align as a team to work towards the same goal. This was a great experience, as it has shown that we are working together in ONE TEAM – IT, Product Management, Marketing & Design!



After that, everybody thought of possible icons. Based on our collected ideas, we had the chance to individually draw our app icon suggestions on paper. In this regard, we had no limitations. Everything was allowed – abstract forms, pictures, figures, marks, letters, etc.

It was awesome to see the outcome and listen to stories people had in mind when drawing the icons. We collected a great variety of new ideas for the app icon. The final step within the workshop was to evaluate the icons. Everybody could vote for his/her top 3. Quantity was important, a voting round lead to a shortlist of outcomes where the team agreed on. We took all the valuable proposals with us to the office and will proceed with them.

To put it all into a nutshell, we had a very creative and valuable workshop. This broadened our understanding of our customer, and aligned the team. Next to the successful outcomes of the work we did, it was lots of fun. Everybody could be freely creative, share their ideas and opinions and gathered a lot of impressions. It was definitely worth it and a fantastic new approach. Moreover, it was awesome to see how the team works together and supports each other.




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