eGym Running Dinner 2.0 in Berlin

…..and the second round of running dinner goes to Wild Wild Wilmersdorf!


Thank you Michi, Aoke, Simon and Ashwin for having us.

Introduction to running dinner: Find people to prepare food & drinks for you and enjoy a nice evening at their homes, in other words teambuilding 2.0

Over 10 eGymees started another culinary tour in November 2016 around the world. It started at Michi’s place where we were served delicious bruschetta along with an extraordinary pumpkin soup, all refined with garlic and a taste of beer from his home country Austria ;). Unbenannt2.JPGStarting from there, our culinary travel took us to Chinese dumplings at Aokes place. No matter if you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian, our host was prepared for everything. The dessert was German roast apple made by Simon, Indian Gulab Jamun and Pani Puri accompanied by a musical highlight, featuring violin, guitar and vocals at Ashwin’s home.

No more details, because we do not want to ruin the magic of the night. All we can say at this point: to be continued…


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