The New Office in Munich- New Year’s Party!

nyp.PNGThe Office Management team at eGym had the great task of organizing a magnificent and unforgettable New Year’s Party at our new office in Munich. This stunning new building was conveniently vacant before our office move which is soon to take place.

As every great party has a theme we got inspired by our modern new office and chose: “dress to impress”.

12 pm – Arrival of the eGymees
Even before the party started, we were excited to welcome every eGymee from 9 different countries to our headquarter in Munich.
As the first ones already arrived in the morning we used this great opportunity to mingle with teams all over the day. We had a delicious eGym team lunch within the office and could not wait to get the party started!

7 pm – Let the party begin!
In the evening all eGymees arrived at the new office and were welcomed with some aperitifs. Our CEO Philipp reflected on the event of the last year and inspired us for the year ahead. As concentrated listening often causes hunger, the enormous buffet was immediately opened after the speech ended. Within the break between dinner and the eGrammy awards, eGymees enjoyed taking pictures with the fun-filled photo-booth and socializing over cocktails.

9 pm – The eGrammys
At the eGrammy awards, winners were announced to claim to title of categories, such as:

  • “the next president”
  • “the firefighter”
  • “the person you would like to marry” and
  • “Miss/Mister sunshine”

Although there was no category for the best singers, the Senior Management Team honoured their promise to perform a karaoke song. This was related to the “Christmas Charity Action” in December, where almost 2000 € was raised for the Initiative for Children with Cancer.

22:30 pm – Let’s dance

Last but not least a rehearsed eGymee dance group conquered the dancefloor and surprised everyone with a flashmob dance. This idea was prepared for via during a weekly dance workshop. This, which took place after work workshop was, organized and realized by eGymees for eGymees.

Soon enough everyone was in the dancing spirit and we partied until 4 am with the help of a live DJ and a top class cocktail bar. 2017, we are off to a good start!

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