A successful week for eGym as a fast growing company!

This week Tech Tour and siliconrepublic.com selected us for two important rankings.

1.Tech Tour is announcing Europe’s 50 future “Unicorns” – we are one of them!

15th February 2017 was a great day for eGym. We became one of the “2017 Tech Tour Growth 50 Unicorns”.

What is Tech Tour?
In 1998 Tech Tour was founded by a Venture Capitalist. During the last 19 years they grew highly and got more and more important for high-tech entrepreneurs (from early to late stage). Tech Tour provides high-tech entrepreneurs from different developmental stages a platform to get in touch with other entrepreneurs, innovative investors and other industry players. Every year since 2015 they identify in a quantitative and qualitative selection procedure a list of Europe’s fastest growing pre-exit investor backed companies.  

Read more about 2017 Tech Tour Growth 50 – Europe’s 50 future “Unicorns” and who the other 49 competitors are here.
2.Siliconrepublic.com announced eGym as one of the “20 magnificent start-ups with momentum in Munich”!munich-1480745_1920.jpg

What is siliconrepublic.com?siliconrepublic.com is one of the best known sources for techie news. If you want to know more about the latest gadgets or the best and most innovative start-ups, siliconrepublic is the right website to take a look at. In addition, they publish ratings about start-up-related topics such as the “20 magnificent start-ups with momentum in Munich”.

To give you a hint right away – eGym is one of them ;-).

Read more about our rating and siliconrepublic.com here.

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