Guru Sessions at eGym

At eGym we have created a very special way of sharing knowledge within the company: our so-called eGym Gurus!

Every employee that has expert knowledge in a specific area can volunteer to become an eGym Guru. Suggestions come from the Gurus themselves, but also from their colleagues who have solved problems thanks to a Guru’s expertise. The Guru’s knowledge is bundled in different types of sessions, like Q&A sessions or presentations. All the sessions have one thing in common: They are very interactive and shaped to the participants’ interest. In the past we have already learned about different topics, like nutrition, similarities between doing sports and learning a language, or gamification.

Of course this kind of engagement should not stay without reward! Besides eternal fame, every Guru receives their own Guru shirt which from now on marks them as experts in their field.
A thank you goes out to all our motivated eGym Gurus – we are looking forward to learning more from each other in the future!


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