Do wearable fitness devices discourage indoor training?

It’s notorious that wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular with the everyday consumer. And the market isn’t predicted to slow down either, with various factors driving rapid growth from consumer’s preference for sophisticated gadgets to the growing popularity of ‘Internet of Things’ and connected devices.

Digital tracking devices – including Fit Tech and Fitness Apps – were developed to better meet the consumer’s increasing need to engage with technology, in combination with the growing interest in fitness. 87% of the world’s population will have a smartphone by 2020, but shockingly only 32% of clubs have equipment that interacts with smartphones, according to Health Club Management Handbook 2017.
But how is this affecting gym memberships? Are new and innovative wearable technologies indirectly competing with gyms as consumers shift more and more to outdoor activities?


Whilst we know outdoor training has positive fitness benefits for members, the downside is gym trainers are unable to monitor fitness activities that their members participate in – resulting in a complete separation of indoor and outdoor training. So how can the industry bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor training so that trainers have a complete overview of their member’s fitness activity and are actually able to prescribe and monitor outdoor activity as part of a member’s training plan?

Developing technologies put consumers in the driving seat. It is the member who inevitably controls their own training choices and therefore does not benefit from being limited to only one training environment. For that reason, the biggest chance for growth is to unite indoor training with outdoor fitness. The future lies in a totally connected training experience.

eGym has developed an open software platform that enables the sharing of data between not only eGym training equipment and applications but also with selected providers of wearables and fitness apps. The development of the ‘eGym Cloud’ has enabled the complete digital connection of the gym floor. This means members and trainers are connected and all outdoor and indoor training activity is recorded and tracked via one single online training platform.

Training data tracked on technologies such as FitBit, Polar and RunKeeper can automatically sync to the eGym Fitness App. Here, members can track all their training activity in one place and collect activity points in return, helping them progress further to reach their fitness goals.

Importantly, by using the eGym Trainer App, gym owners and trainers can gain instant access to real-time member training data, including the workout history of both indoor and outdoor activity. This enables trainers to better manage and monitor the entire training progress of each individual.

The eGym digital solution is supporting over 1,000 gyms across Europe satisfying the need of their member’s digital hunger and generating added value for their users. As well as this the eGym connected Trainer App and Fitness App is proven to improve workflow efficiencies, trainer management and customer service. Trainers can better manage, motivate and interact with customers, increasing member engagement and satisfaction. It really is a win-win and gym management has never been easier!
For more information on the digital opportunities open to your club and to experience it first hand, request your invitation to attend one of our upcoming events near you or email

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