The digital fitness revolution – now in the UK!

The only event focusing on the digital connection of the training floor. 

Last year, gym owners throughout the UK attended ‘eGym Think Digital’ – a series of events focused on how to use the latest technology to improve member engagement, motivation and working efficiencies as well as increase club retention. This year eGym events are back and they’re bigger and better than ever before – with the launch of our new worldwide events, ‘eGym NEXT’ is now coming to the UK.

eGym NEXT is just the start of our mission to support the digital fitness revolution, offering clubs digital tools to modernise their gym floor and business strategies to support the adaptation process. The transformation of the industry will change the face of businesses in the sector in the long run, but but it will present several challenges for operators.  Over 1,000 gyms across Europe and the US are already benefitting from eGym’s digital solution to enhance their business. Bringing NEXT to the UK aims to support even more gym owners in 2017 to better understand the impact digitalisation is having on the sector.

eGym NEXT is the first event dedicated to UK fitness professionals providing business and success strategies for the digital connection of the training floor. Here’s what attendees of previous eGym events have said:

“…A great event highlighting the digital and physical opportunity for fitness owners to engage with their existing and potential members of the future”

“…I had constant interaction with the staff, everyone was friendly and ‘into’ the product, which gave the day an enthusiastic and informative taste”

“…a very relaxed but professional atmosphere. The different seminars were engaging and interesting with just the right amount of content”

eGym-content image-small

The perfect mix of educational seminars, practical workshops and evening entertainment

eGym NEXT ties together the essential information around digitalisation, featuring guest speakers and experts in the digital and fitness industries. It provides a complete education on what exactly digitalisation is and why change is required to meet the consumer’s increasing desire to engage with technology. eGym NEXT also aims to identify the importance of a better connection between hardware and software and how clubs can use digital tools to create a more valuable offering and retention in the modern market.

You will also be given the opportunity to experience a connected training floor for yourself, through practical workshops and live demonstrations exclusive to this event. The event will conclude by leading into the evening with some delightful canapes and networking drinks at the bar – giving you the opportunity to engage with other fitness professionals and reflect on the day’s activities.

The first eGym NEXT event is due to take place on April 20th in a stunning venue in the heart of London;  The Goldsmiths Centre located near Farringdon station. For gyms in the North, eGym NEXT will also be brought to Manchester on May 2nd to be held at the Etihad Stadium, the home of Manchester City Football Club.

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This truly is an event not be missed, exclusive to fitness industry professionals. Be sure to register for your place now:

This is an invitation-only event. Places are limited!

Your eGym Team

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