One day as Sport Science Intern

What is your name and position at eGym?

My name is Francisca Andersen and I am an intern in the Sport Science Team.

Why did you join eGym?

I was always interested in sports and I like the influence of sports on different health aspects. Health became such an important aspect in the sports industry – probably today it is the most important one. That’s one reason why I’m very dedicated to do my part to improve something in this area. Referring to this I think eGym is the best opportunity for me to expand my knowledge about sports and health benefits. Another aspect, why I joined eGym is because it is a start up company with a great vision and to be honest – isn’t it nice to be part of something new?

What are your daily tasks?

It always depends on the ideas, changes and innovations we have, which means that normally the tasks are very different. At the beginning, I started writing articles with sports scientific contents for the eGym Blog. After some time, I was allowed to do some research to different topics in the sports and health area and thereby support other colleagues in the team in their projects.

Next to this main areas I joined various meetings from time to time, where the different Heads of Department explained their functions and the tasks of their department, so that new employees get a good overview on different departments and responsibilities.

What projects are you currently involved in?

At the moment I work on the topic „health benefits“ of sports. I’m searching for studies, where the effects of activity are measured and then using this results to show users the real health benefits of different sport activities.

What do you enjoy most about your position/field?

The creativity! Although usually I have fixed tasks I’m very free how to approach them. Another thing that is important to me is to work as self-reliant as possible. Whenever I have new input or ideas I can talk with my supervisor and he will consider to implement it.

However, I have to say – I think the best part of being an intern in the Sport Science Team and at eGym in general are the great colleagues!

What do you find challenging in your position/ field?

I would say to meet the expectations is the most challenging, but also the most exciting part for me – and I will do my very best to achieve this personal goal!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your field?

First of all a sport scientific background would be really helpful to work in this field efficiently. In addition, one should be interested in sports, hightech and new innovations, because these are the main factors to work with at eGym. Maybe the most important attribute is to be highly motivated and dedicated to improve something at eGym! Exactly this attitude will help you in every single department at eGym!

Anything else you like to add…

Concluding I have to say I’m really happy to be part of this ambitious company and I’m looking forward to the upcoming time!

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