One day as an Intern Business Development Sales

  1. What is your position at eGym?

My name is Ferdinand Mittermeier and I am currently employed as an intern in Business Development Sales for our “” team.

  1. Why did you join eGym?

As probably for the most of us, my passion for sports was one of the main reasons I applied to join eGym. After my dual Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and two years of work at a mid size company, I was looking for new challenges. Actually, I wanted to change directions completely and head for sports studies. But before doing so, I wanted to check out how the sports business works and in which fields sports scientists, sports economist, etc. end up. I did some research and eGym as a startup dealing with sports, business and IT was exactly what I was looking for.

  1.  What are your daily tasks?

My job is to develop the sales process for This involves, for example, acquiring new gyms for the program by pitching our product via phone or personally at trade fairs, developing strategies for further business roll-out or setting up new business models/opportunities in coordination with our team lead. So, my overall objective is to get the people to go to the gym and, thereby, make our society healthier.


  1. What projects are you currently involved in?

During the last weeks I helped to set up everything for the FIBO – the biggest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. I had to fix meetings with important customers to prepare everything for our attendance. Besides, I am working on the internal integration of our product in the overall sales process.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your position/field?

What I like most is the client contact at trade fairs, the possibility to implement my own ideas in strategic topics, as well as the teamwork, and the steep learning curve I’m experiencing at eGym. I am working in a so called cross-functional team – therefore I am not only involved in Sales, but also in Marketing and IT.   

  1. What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your field? (Studies, Career path)

It is not really about being the best in your studies nor studying in the field of Sales. Of course, you should have basic knowledge in Business Administration and strategic thinking, but it is more important to be open minded, self confident, and persuasive. Don’t be afraid of getting in touch with people and asking questions. It is simply learning by doing.

  1. Anything else you like to add…

If you are a sports enthusiast looking for a challenge and an opportunity to create your own working atmosphere: JOIN eGYM! 😉  


If you are interested in working as an Intern Business Development Sales find more more information here.

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