Office Move Berlin

We finally made it!

After hours of packing boxes, unraveling cables, labeling chairs and everything else you don’t want to lose during the move – then unpacking and finding you chair again – we finally arrived in our jaw-dropping and light-flooded loftish office above the roofs of Berlin.

And now Alex is watching us and we are watching him while having our sundowners, a barbecue or a Yoga session on our rooftop terasse. It could not be any better!


As eGym is growing day by day, Berlin had to follow with a much larger office just as our headquarter Munich recently did. Our new office in Backfabrik provides space for various meeting rooms, chill-out places and spacious working areas for every team. The fun thing is that we now can see each other through our glazed walls.

Berlin and its districts build the namesakes for our meeting rooms – and so we are calling our colleagues in Munich and all over from Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg or Berlin Mitte.

Heaps of details turn this office into a very special place such as our rooflights or our wooden knights table for our weekly breakfasts (this week it’s waffle-thursday – whoop). It perfectly contrasts with the industrial office look and it’s nothing but a match!


As for now we don’t stop being astonished, we can’t wait to host the first meet-ups, use our connected training floor right here in the office, enjoy our chill-out area and welcome new eGymees to make this place even better and our wall of fame grow day by day.

Special thanks to our Moving Gurus, Office Management & IT for all the hard work, preparation and always keeping a cool head during the move. You did an awesome job organizing everything down to the last detail and making it possible for all of us to start working on Monday without setting up our workplaces.

Let’s call it a day and enjoy the sunset on our roof-deck – we are waiting for you to join!

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