Make deep links play well with the rest of your app

The goal of deep linking is to guide a user deeply into a website and thereby increase the duration of his web session. During the last year we touched the code of our deep linking implementation a couple of times. Changing requirements in eGym’s Fitness-app required us to allow deep linking for a variety of use-cases. The main objective was making the app’s download and user experience as smooth as possible.

We started off with our first use-case about a year ago, when developers from partner applications demanded the functionality to open or download our product from within their Android application.

Requirements changed and we decided to extend our deep-linking functionality. For more granular routing we wanted to offer screen-specific linking as well. Partner applications are then able to redirect the user to the ranking screen within our application. To allow this, we implemented our own application scheme which can be used by other applications.

If you want to know more about which specific problems we had to face and how we solved them, click here.

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