One Day as a Technical Support Manager

  1. What is your position at eGym?

My Name is Faisal Alam (short: Fais) and I am Manager Technical Support at eGym. I joined eGym as a working Student in the last lap of my master studies in electrical engineering.

  1. Why did you join eGym?

The main reason I joined eGym was the aim to combine my full-time hobby sports with my profession. Furthermore, working in an agile environment pushed me towards this startup.

  1.  What are your daily tasks?

My daily tasks now as a full-time employee are, giving second level support for our motor-driven fitness machines to our DACH Field Technicians. Optimizing and defining new processes for field application are important tasks of the Field Service – “Office Team” too.


  1. What projects are you currently involved in?

One of my projects for example is the integration of standard testing procedures for measuring leakage current at portable machines and field application.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your position/field?

What I enjoy most about my field is the ability to work in different fields, which not only includes electrical engineering, but also GUI (Graphical User Interface) or Mechanical Design subjects.

  1. What do you find challenging in your position/ field?

Daily business related issues can be very challenging most of the time.

  1. What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to work in your field?

I would advise a background in engineering combined with basic
issue de-escalation skills for the position of a Technical Support Manager.

Anything else you like to add…

All summed up, a „Firefighter“-mentality is mandatory to survive the day.

Do you have a “Firefighter”-Mentality and want to work for our Support Team? Have a look at our open position as Service Techniker DACH (m/w) (m/w)!!

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