The Innovation Week at eGym

It was that time again: From April 21st to 28th our eGym Innovation Week took place. That’s the time where our eGym Software Developers get the opportunity to work on exciting cutting-edge projects they are personally interested in. Innovation weeks add up to 10% of the total working time of Software Developers at eGym. Once proposed by our Software Developer Jivko Vantchev, this week does not come up with strict structures or rules and is therefore peppered with unbeatable creativity, which always generates added value to eGym. So, don’t miss out to get introduced to some of their awesome ideas and projects:mindmap-2123973_1920.jpg

  • New Gamification Aspect: There is one exciting new issue in the field of gamification in the pipeline which will extend our training methods and make the training even more attractive.
  • The tvOS Dashboard: This project plans to include another device (an Apple TV) which connects the gym itself, the gym members and the machines. The dashboard would display interesting information such as: Leaderboards, schedules of internal events such as classes, gym announcements, available trainers etc.
  • Android Image Optimization: In order to reduce the size of images used in our app, one of our developers has written a new script that is automatically integrated into the development. With this optimization, basically the whole app file gets reduced which enables for example a faster download for app users.
  • Fit App Widget Activity Levels: That’s the idea of a new widget on your home screen which shows information about your activity level such as your actual ranking and the days since your last training. A release for this widget is already waiting in the wings. Yeah!

One can imagine that these projects do have a lot of potential. So, stay tuned for our follow-up coming soon – it remains super exciting!

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