Our first Berlin Youngsters Stammtisch!


Youngster Stammtisch Berlin 1

As Munich regularly organizes a “Stammtisch” for all eGym working students and interns called Youngsters, Berlin finally followed suit and planned an easy get-together as well. A couple of working students and interns working at our Berlin office – so it ended up being a quite small and relaxed group enjoying their evening with good talks just as good old friends.

We started with making fancy pizza creations in the kitchen area and preparing homemade strawberry punch with elderflower and mint after that we went upstairs to our amazing rooftop terrace to enjoy the evening sun with our drinks and heaps of pizza & snacks.

Youngster Stammtisch Berlin 2

We skated round board games and had greatest fun talking about our different cultures, thousands of beer brands and listened to the most famous local songs of everyone’s home country instead. And so we got to know that our french guys do have a great and extraordinary taste in German music ;-).

In a nutshell, the Stammtisch was more than successful as we were also able to connect with some of the Munich eGymees who arrived on the same day in order to prepare the NEXT event here in Berlin.

We can’t wait for our next Youngsters Stammtisch. Find out more about eGym and maybe you could be part of the next Stammtisch too!

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