Inside eGym: who is Pre-Sales & Leadmanagement?

What is “Presales”? What are their tasks and responsibilities? Hmm, how to put that in a nutshell…

Maybe with a quote of Mario Görlach, Sales Manager: “Cold acquisition is one of the most important parts in the whole sales-process!”

So we are responsible for client acquisition, making appointments for about 20 sales representatives in the DACH region and many other topics related to Trainer-App implementation. That`s why we call ourselves “The Terminators”, because of the german word “Termin” (engl. date). So what we do is, we love to call, we love to convince new customers and we love turnover and revenues!

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But Mario is absolutely right, it is not only a very important part in the sales process, it is also a very hard and tough job! So creative rewards for outstanding team members who have made the most appointments for the month, seems to be a good way to keep motivation high. In April we decided to have a “winner-painting”, congratulations once again Janis and thank you!

Are you curious and want to know more about our sales team and what else eGym has to offer, visit us on Glassdoor and our career page.


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