Learn hard, play hard @ eGym

Learn and grow, but don’t forget to party…

For our special day on Friday, the 30th of June 2017, all eGymees from all over the world were brought together to our headquarters in Munich.

As we recognized the potential of knowledge sharing, we decided to set up an Academy Day to share our expertise and experience within our company.

Academy 1

In two workshop slots, specialists from all our departments provided insights into a range of different topics. No matter in what people were interested – there was more than enough input.

“Eat Stress for Breakfast” was one of many workshops that were offered on eGym’s first Academy Day. In addition we had workshops about:

  • “Lean StartUp”- where (eGymees applied methods on their everyday work and got to know what drives themselves)
  • “Motivation through Gamification”
  • “The Power of Public Speaking”
  • “Negotiation Skills”

Between the two workshops a delicious buffet created the opportunity to continue the discussions that have been started after the workshops or to network with eGymees from other locations.  

On that day our eGym spirit, which is one reason for our success story, was everywhere as we had our teams  grow together even more with a peak during our summer party in the evening.


After a short refreshing time, we met in the Park Café in Munich to celebrate ourselves and the magnificent work we have done within the past half year. “Bring your personal summer item” was the slogan of the evening. This lead to colorful and creative outfits with flowers, swimming rings and big hats.

We enjoyed the great music with a few drinks and dancing until the late-night hours.

Thanks to all who made that day this valuable and fun!

Find out more about the eGym spirit on our career page, glassdoor or facebook profile.

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