Inside eGym Summer Event


To get behind the scenes of a Fitness Start-up, who wouldn’t dare? At our Inside eGym Summer Event we opened the doors for everybody.

For experiencing the whole eGym world, we divided the participants into five different teams: the Basketball-, Sneaker-, Tennis racquet-, Biceps- and Heartbeat- Team.

Within the different groups, different stations with interesting background- knowledge, about the following topics, were to be discovered:

These groupe items describe pretty well the course of the evening:

ballEveryone who plays basketball needs to jump as high as he can. This was also true for our visitors, who needed to climb the stairs into our social area on the third floor of our office in Prannerstraße. Upstairs, refreshing drinks were already waiting of our visitors.



Everyone wearing sneakers that day had an advantage: Our visitors “sprinted” fromstation to station, so that each visitor wearing sneakers had a comfortable advantage.

IMG_2921 (1)

tennisA racquet can not only be used for hitting a tennis ball; In order to remind the participants to switch between the different product presentations, the gong was hit loudly.



Our eGym Fitness Machines were to be used in order to test the biceps strength of our visitors.Also, the efle-xx devices helped our participants to flex their muscles and focus on their muscle enlargement.


The heartbeat of our guests increased as our CPO Arthur Gstrein finally opened the amazing buffet afterwards.



After catching discussions while having a few drinks, a great night got to an end. We are already looking forward to the following event with great guests.

If you did attend the event, please feel welcome to give us Feedback on how you perceived it. If you couldn’t attend the event, you can find the next matching event for you here!

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