eGym’s diabetes training programme shows positive results

Looking at the results of our Germany-wide six-month diabetes study with eGym machines, it can be said: eGym’s diabetes training programme has a very positive impact on the health of type 2 diabetes patients.

Positive correlations between training on eGym machines and the long-term blood glucose level (HbA1c) have been confirmed in the study

The study, conducted in cooperation with the ‘University Leipzig’ and ‘AG Diabetes & Sport’, investigated the correlation between a specific diabetes training programme developed for the eGym machines and its impact on the important disease-related parameters of the human subjects.

The longer-term control of blood glucose levels, glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), was considered the most relevant parameter.

Significant reduction of the HbA1c level towards ‘normal’ zone

The study was conducted in eGym partner fitness and health facilities over a period of six months.

The HbA1c level serves as an indicator for the average blood sugar concentration.
The diagram illustrates the control groups’ hemoglobin A1c level averaged 7.6 at the beginning of the study and after six months has been lowered towards the normal zone with a value of 6.8. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed when the A1C is over 6.5 percent.


Weightloss and training frequency has an impact on the decrease of the HbA1c level

Additionally, an improvement in body weight as well as hip and waist circumference was determined during the study. Evaluations show that both weight loss and training frequency correlate with the decrease in the HbA1c level. The more the participants trained, the larger the impact of the workout was on the decrease of the long-term blood glucose levels.

Subjects improved maximum strength levels by 38%

Beside the direct impact on the diabetes, the study also showed the subjects could improve their maximum strengths levels on all eight training machines by an average of 38 percent.

These results prove that eGym have succeeded in bringing controlled training conditions, from the previous studies, into the mass market.

The eGym diabetes training programme

The eGym diabetes training programme was developed especially for type-2 diabetes patients. During the conceptual phases, it was naturally decided to include confirmed findings from previous studies in the software controlled training system. So the diabetes training programme also benefitted from all advantages of the existing intelligent eGym training system. Including the automatic periodisation of training and regularly conducted max strength tests for the customisation of the training weight. That is how the participants can conduct a methodical and systematic training based on the latest scientific findings.

For optimal training of type-2 diabetes patients, the software programme is designed to compose long exercise periods, a high number of repetitions and a four-week acclimatisation period to begin with. During the study, subjects carried out eight different exercises, e.g. leg press, lat pull down or chest press, to make sure that all major muscle groups were used.

The study in detail

The study was scheduled for six months during which the participants were required to complete predetermined exercises two to three times a week. The training programme could only be started together with a trainer. Additionally, trainers were available during the study and periodically tested the subjects with specific exercises. Amongst others, data from different fitness parameters like maximum strength levels, body weight and waist circumference were obtained. These vital parameters, like the HbA1c level or blood pressure, were determined with the help of cooperating medical practices. The parameters were obtained at three different measurement times respectively (at the beginning, after three months and at the end of the study).

Next steps for eGym

Due to these positive results, eGym is working intensively on optimising the diabetes programme further to integrate it as an additional training goal and to support the people who would like to actively tackle their diabetes.

What participants say about the diabetes training programme:

“… after about two months a certain training effect as well as a feel-good effect appeared.”

“Your invitation to join this programme has completely changed my life. Thank you!”

“By participating in this study, I have once again become aware of the positive influence sport has on my health.”

“The training with eGym was great. I really enjoyed the order of the circuit and the comparatively easy handling of the machines was very appealing, especially the automatic adjustments to my personal requirements. You do not need much time to manage the course. This allowed me to complete my programme in a short timeframe (mostly after work). The regular reminders to do a maximum strength test have pushed me even further forward. The information about my performance level through using the eGym Fitness App and also the possibility to add other workouts to the app, for example my regular cycling or swimming, were very useful. Not least, the insight into the ranking table, the biological age and the activity level status motivated me to continue. It was worth it and was lots of fun! So, I’ve already signed up for further health training over a longer period!”


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