Soon live: the new eGym user interface

We’re excited to announce our redesigned user interface that will bring a totally new and modern look to our eGym machines.  

This is a huge step towards eGym’s overall vision, to make the gym work for everyone, through a more user-friendly, interactive and enjoyable training experience.

We’re first of all bringing out to you a state-of-the-art interface featuring a modern and appealing look. The clean lines, clear colors and bigger fonts make handling easy for users of all levels.

The eGym signature training curve brings fitness gamification to a new level. You collect coins while you train, which activates a cool animated effect, making the training experience more fun and enjoyable. At the end of the session, we calculate the training quality based on the number of coins collected, motivating you to train efficiently and correctly at the same time. And the great news doesn’t stop here: now this feature is available also for our classic users!


Among the main changes brought by our redesigned interface, the training phase names will help you to understand the purpose of your training  and increase your long-term training motivation.

For example, if your goal is Muscle Gain, you’ll train through several customized phases, each with a different positive effect on your body:

The first phase is the Robustness phase where you will train with the Negative method to prepare your muscles for the following phases which are more intense.

The second and fourth phase is the Muscle Growth phase featuring the Adaptive training method. This is the main training method for this goal, ensuring maximal muscle fatigue and therefore growth.

The third phase allows for a complementary training method to provide a different training stimulus and support the achievement of your overall training goal. For the training goal Muscle Gain this is the Strength phase featuring Isokinetic training to evoke maximal muscle strength.

Also for the other training programs, like Weight Loss, Body Toning and more, you will go through a well-defined sequence of phases that is scientifically designed to reach your specific goal.

Screen_Muscle building

And we’re only adding more great stuff, don’t you worry, all our cool features are still there:   

  • the newly designed strength measurement will make sure that you train with your optimal weight
  • changing the training method and weight is now easier than ever, so e.g. our Premium methods Isokinetic and Explonic are now only one click away
  • the training goal can be changed based on your desire and needs.

Visit us here for more information about the eGym products!

2 Gedanken zu “Soon live: the new eGym user interface

  1. Die neue Oberfläche ist noch intuitiver und verständlicher. Die Beeinflussung der Gewichte lässt sich auch besser und schneller erreichen. (Daumen hoch)

    Gefällt mir

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