You want more, you get more: eGym and Nokia Health are connected now!

Nokia Health-Blog

You always wanted to live healthy and active? You always set yourself ambitious goals and want to track and share your goals? You want to encourage yourself to more activity through friendly competition?

We have the solution for you!

We, that’s eGym and Nokia Health. Just think of us as two close friends which have the same goal. Through our different skills and talents we’re able to complement each other and try to reach outstanding outcomes. Together we’re collecting all your results and put them together in one place. Thanks to our great teamwork and friendship, we’re able to provide you with the best results in the end. Together, we will enable you to improve your activity, training experience and your training results!

Nokia UhrWith products such as the activity tracker Steel, the personal scale Body and a broad range of accessories, Nokia is one of the most innovative player in the personal health industry. Track all your steps, the morning run or your last swim session and view your results afterwards in your eGym Fitness App. We automatically collect all your activities and add them to all your other training sessions, for example the ones on the eGym strength circle. Don’t only review your training but also your progress in weight management.


You want to connect your Nokia devices with eGym?


Visit us at and select “connect” under “Nokia Health Mate”. Otherwise, you can activate the connection in the eGym Fitness App under “settings” and enable the “Nokia Health Mate” connection. Last but not least you have to accept that we are allowed to use your data and from now on all your activities are summed up in the eGym Fitness App.

We strongly believe that our partnership helps to improve your health and motivation for a more active life. Together we’re looking forward and are excited what kind of features the future brings!



Do you always want to be up to date about eGym? Then visit us here on the eGym Blog and find out all the news first!

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