Endurance sports and strength training become one: How eGym and Pulse Fitness optimize your training!


Pulse FitnessDo you know following scenario? You go to the gym and first of all you accomplish your warm-up on the cardio devices. Afterwards you will exploit even more during the strength training. However, you have to track your training results separately for cardio and strength training. You would therefore like to have all data automatically stored in one place? For this, we now have the solution! eGym and Pulse Fitness, one of the leading suppliers of cardio equipment, are partners and we would like to digitize the fitness industry.



We digitize the fitness industry for you
Forget about paper-based training plans. By connecting the interface of eGym with modern endurance devices, we enable you an improved networking. Get an individual endurance plan from your trainer and use it from now on quite easy on the treadmill, stepper or on the bicycle. By a specific plan for your endurance training you can achieve your personal aims faster and can avoid an ineffective training, such as the classic “Quick Start”.


One chip for all of your workouts!

Moreover, our collaboration gives you the opportunity to store and monitor all of your data in one place – the eGym Fitness App. All you need is a single chip. It connects all of your devices – Pulse Fitness Cardio, eGym strength machines, efle-xx, etc. – and synchronizes your workout.

Stay tuned and look forward to the opportunities of the digitization of the fitness industry.


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