Lifestyle and success tracking with Fitbit & eGym!

Gabby-Reece_Fitbit-Surge_Tangerine_Stretching (1)You’re sitting on the beach and the first sunlight is touching your face – You think about how nice your last vacation was!

Now you’re back at home and you regret that there was no possibility to share with your friends how active you have been during your last vacation trip. You went surfing, climbed a volcano and you did Yoga on the beach every morning. The only thing your friends are seeing? Your indoor cycling training and strength workout.

From now one this problem is solved through eGym and Fitbit!

Collect and share all your lifestyle activities outside the gym through our partnership with Fitbit. Since 2007 is Fitbit one of the biggest player on the wearables market. Through innovative and stylish products they have become a synonym for activity trackers. Through products such as the smartwatch Ionic, scale Aria 2, sport headsets and other trackers all your activities and body data are tracked and support you to reach your personal goals! It is now simpler to monitor your wellbeing and health in daily life, no matter if at work, with the family or during a swim- or running session. We know how annoying it can be to have all the different data in several places. Fitbit-Family_02 (1)That’s why we from eGym are trying to onboard more and more partners and to collect all your personal activities at one place in the eGym One cloud. This ensures that you have a complete overview of your activities everywhere and it allows you to concentrate on your personal goals.

A never seen more simple All-In-One solution!

UnbenanntFrom now on you can connect all your Fitbit devices with your eGym account as well! Therefore you simply visit our partner page and click “connect” in the Fitbit section. After entering your Fitbit credentials and accepting our terms of agreement, your Fitbit account is connected with eGym. The second way to connect is under “settings” in the eGym Fitness App. Simply slide the eGym toggle, enter your Fitbit credentials and after accepting our terms of agreement, you are connected! Please be aware that if you start a training manually with your Fitbit, it will only appear as “Training” in the Fitbit App. Therefore, you need to classify the training if it should appear in the eGym app.

Now your Fitbit scale us synchronizing your body data and your activities tracked by your Fitbit devices are shown in the eGym Fitness App and added to your eGym points. The glory of your friends and family is yours!

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