eGym feels

3 tracks – 25 speaker – more than 500 developers Munich, 30 degrees and 10 eGymees had the chance to attend this year’s (The Tech Conference for Startups and Developers powered by STYLIGHT) at the backstage concert center. is the largest deep tech conference in Europe. The talks ranged from insights into how … More eGym feels

Make deep links play well with the rest of your app

The goal of deep linking is to guide a user deeply into a website and thereby increase the duration of his web session. During the last year we touched the code of our deep linking implementation a couple of times. Changing requirements in eGym’s Fitness-app required us to allow deep linking for a variety of … More Make deep links play well with the rest of your app

Office Move Berlin

We finally made it! After hours of packing boxes, unraveling cables, labeling chairs and everything else you don’t want to lose during the move – then unpacking and finding you chair again – we finally arrived in our jaw-dropping and light-flooded loftish office above the roofs of Berlin. And now Alex is watching us and … More Office Move Berlin

Sharing is caring – and the most valuable “food” is knowledge

In a fast growing environment like eGym, it is very important to share knowledge and experience. In our opinion a simple way to do so are our Brownbag Lunches. We cannot only share knowledge, but it also gives us the opportunity to get in touch with colleagues from different departments and locations. Our recipe for … More Sharing is caring – and the most valuable “food” is knowledge

One Day as a Mobile Software Developer @ eGym

What is your name and position at eGym? My name is Michael and I am a software developer working on the Android version of our fitness app ( Why did you join eGym? eGym is a really nice combination of multiple important parts of life and job for me. I like developing customer facing software … More One Day as a Mobile Software Developer @ eGym

Heads Up!

  Sandro, our Head of GUI*, was interviewed by “Digitale-Leute” about his work at eGym! You are wondering what “Digitale-Leute” is? It’s a team of the homepage “” and they portray various personalities who create, develop and market digital products. They only choose the cream of the crop! And this time it was Sandro’s turn … More Heads Up!