Deactivation of the Training Area on the eGym Website

Workout data is available in the eGym Fitness App

The Training and Analysis sections and parts of the Profile section on the eGym website will no longer be supported  from August 2017. The good news: With the free eGym Fitness App you can continue to easily plan, track and analyse your workouts.

Why is the Training Area on the eGym website going offline?
The reason for deactivating the training area on the eGym website is because more and more users are taking advantage of the eGym Fitness App rather than the eGym website and we expect this trend to continue. Therefore we have decided to focus our development efforts on the eGym Fitness App and improve this still further. The eGym App has always been one of our core products and and through it we can continue to pursue our goal of digitalizing the fitness world and to offer you to experience the best possible fitness experience.

What does this mean for your workouts?
This means that you will no longer be able to plan, track or analyse your workouts on the eGym website. In addition to this you will no longer be able to view your activity feed or your activities. You will however still be able to adjust the settings under your profile.

As an alternative to this you have more freedom and a more comprehensive fitness experience with our free eGym Fitness App. With it you can view your workout results at any time and any place and compare yourself to your friends. All of your existing workouts will continue to be saved in our system. In addition to this our app can tell you your biological age and your activity level. Through this you can see how fit your exercise regime is really keeping you and be informed of which exercises you are missing to maintain or improve your fitness level.


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